If you want to begin conquering Finnish markets do not hesitate to contact us at Vino Vinces Ltd.

Below is few guide lines for how offer procedure takes place.

Alko Inc. will release their round for tenders every 6 months. If you have contract with us we will deliver list of fixed tenders for you.

Once you have reviewed tenders and if you have found some tenders you would like to participate to we will deliver detailed information and tender forms for you to fill in.

We will create offer and deliver it for Alko Inc.

When Alko have checked all relevant offers they will ask for samples. This usually takes place within 2 months from end of the month offer took place.

We will send you sample request with all relevant data to be included and you'll have usually about a month time to deliver samples.

Alko will assemple tasting for offers where they will evaluate product, design and price. Winner of tasting will be selected to be listed and product will be on sale within 3 months from the date it was selected.

We in Vino Vinces Ltd. will ensure product will be widely known and on sale for a long time.